Management and Human Development

The transformational projects adopted in the companies of the group include a set of actions that aim to support the Corporate Management System.

The Human and Organizational Development has the objective of promoting and integrating the growth of employees. These include the dissemination of the values of the group, the strengthening of a culture of management and excellence in operations focused on results and the training of professionals with suitable evolution profiles.

The Integration Project was created so that all processes and group projects are supported by systems that allow communication between the teams, the exchange of information with agility and decision making more assertive, through an integrated and consistent database.

Gerot is a management model focused on the excellence in administrative and operational routine. This model allows the alignment, integration and coordination of objectives ensuring consistent numbers with the established goals.

The Maintenance Management aims at the management of maintenance indicators, the efficient use of resources, with the adherence to preventive plans and corrective scheduled maintenance, always seeking the reduction of the fleet backlog and the increasing of physical availability of equipment, the synergy between inventory units and greater control of the results.