Who we are


Created in 1986, PH is a company from Minas Gerais – Brazil specialized in customized solutions for industrial handling in the steel, metallurgical and mineral sectors.

Its consolidation in the market over these 29 years is due to efficient management of the operation, combined with investments in its human talent, safety and technology. This set of experiences and efforts ensured PH to occupy a leading market position in South America, and be internationally recognized.

By incorporating business and the expansion of services in the national market, the organization redefined its strategic position and formed PH Group. Formed by PH Services and PH Minerals, the holding company is the result of the evolution of PH business management model with the mission to strengthen and coordinate the management of sustainable growth.

PH Minerals is focused on intelligent management of its mineral assets. The three decades of performance in mineral exploration operations, handling and processing accredited the group to detain technical expertise in planning their actions and respect
For maintaining environmental balance.

PH Group has its headquarters located in Cláudio – MG and operates in several locations in Brazil and abroad. The structure, values and ethical principles of the Group govern its investments and reinforce its commitment to the development of its customers and the regions where it operates.