International Business

A figura ilustra a posição relativa do carvão Intercarbon (região vermelha) quando comparado com os melhores carvões do mundo (região azul do Peak Downs, carvão australiano benchmarking)

International Business

Since 2008, the PH Group internationalized its business through Intercarbon Mining, located in Colombia. The company has a number of mines in areas of Guachetá and Ráquira for metallurgical coal mining coking of high quality.


Coal is the raw material for coking coal, mainly used in blast furnaces as a fuel source and reducing the production of pig iron.


With estimated reserves of 4 million tons, the Intercarbon currently has six underground mines, operated and maintained with high level of demand on the safety of their workers, as well as respect for the environment, these fundamental factors for the sustainability of the business.


The manager of Intercarbon, Jimi Alejandro La Rotta Bonilla, states that “the quality of our reserves is differentiated and recognized by the market mainly by high levels and low volatile matter, as well as the low level of ash: these aspects provide superior performance to the coal during processing.”


Investments made by PH Group on new projects in recent years in spite of any adverse conditions in the global coal, reaffirm the long-term strategy and the belief in the business. Intercarbon focuses its operations in two mining complexes located in four concessions that have the necessary permits, licenses and necessary documentation approved and issued.


In addition to the qualitative aspect, new designs are provided in order to further increase the productivity of the underground mining operations, for example, a new coal pumping system, reducing the dead times involved in the extraction phase.
Improvement projects and expansion of the highway network and expansion of inland waterway transport in the region for the next two years open a very positive outlook for optimizing land logistics to the port, which will also give greater competitiveness to the Colombian coal for export via Pacific or Atlantic.