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Gathering of the DHO Team

The DHO team from PH-CLD was the pilot in the project of integration of the company’s teams. On 02 October, the employees of the Personnel Department and Human Resources gathered in a prepared environment to welcome them with dynamics and supporting materials.   Throughout the morning, they were able to exchange experiences, know each other […]


With an Eye on the Risk

Campaign on the perception of risks at work is carried out in the PH-CRC Between 14th and 18th September, the PH-CRC, together with the Communication sectors, HR and HSE PH-CLD, promoted a campaign to sharpen and develop risk perception amongst its employees.   The campaign “With an Eye On the Risk” held several events during […]


Safe Behavior

Safe behavior was the subject of the internal security campaign of the month. On 30th September, all PHS units discussed the matter with his colleagues in DSD, through the material produced by the Communications sector and multiplied by the HSE sector. In addition to watching a video, everyone could share their experiences and suggestions of […]


Railroad Safety

PH-JML is campaigning in schools to strengthen care at level crossings Every year, 900 accidents are recorded in Brazilian railroads. Largely, they are caused by the carelessness of pedestrians and drivers. Pedestrians, as they go through the railway line looking at the phone or wearing headphones, others who venture hanging on wagons to catch a […]