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A figura ilustra a posição relativa do carvão Intercarbon (região vermelha) quando comparado com os melhores carvões do mundo (região azul do Peak Downs, carvão australiano benchmarking)

International Business

Since 2008, the PH Group internationalized its business through Intercarbon Mining, located in Colombia. The company has a number of mines in areas of Guachetá and Ráquira for metallurgical coal mining coking of high quality.   Coal is the raw material for coking coal, mainly used in blast furnaces as a fuel source and reducing […]


Consolidation of New Markets and New Business

The increase in production capacity and consolidation of the regional market in a radius of 350 kilometers were the trademarks of Cal Trevo in the year 2014. Located in Simão Dias – SE, the company invested in the structure in order to ensure the provision and quality of its products, after a long process of […]